IONFITNESS is always searching for ways to make our fitness equipments better,
and make your workout experience more fun.

IONFITNESS launched the first fitness equipments in 90'. From our beginnings, we never stop pursuing better workout experience to all the users. We understand that all the fitness equipments are designed for human, and all the fitness equipments should be designed according to ergonomic motion, that's our principle. Besides, IONFITNESS also knows that state-of-the-art technology could make workout experience better, and make it be closer to your daily life. That's why IONFITNESS equipments could meet your needs with premium quality you will appreciate.

IONFITNESS understands that exercise is unique to each of us. Then we always keep in mind what is the original passion for people to exercise. – Through exercising, you can live with a much more active lifestyle. Providing all consumers the safe and durable fitness equipments with stylish outlook and that indeed is our major mission to satisfy consumers' needs.

Head office in Los Angeles, USA

IONFITNESS locates in Los Angeles, USA, the origin of our brand and the R&D center. We have different distributor channels in domestic territory. Beyond doubt, IONFITNESS is a fast growing fitness brand in USA and Germany. IONFITNESS Germany branch was set up in Essen, 2011, and continues to expand our presence world-wide by increasing new international dealers.


Branch in Essen, Germany


Based on the principle of origin in USA, we insist that all IONFITNESS equipments should be designed by our expertise. IONFITNESS R&D team was formed by local designers, engineers and experts. They all have many years of integrated experience in both fitness and technology industries. After producing a series of fitness equipments prototypes, the design team will also consult the professors in American College of Sports Medicine to improve our product design more. We, IONFINTESS always keep in mind that providing the best exercise experience for our customers is our responsibility.

China Sporting Goods Show

2014 Wuhan / 2015 Fuzhou , China

Taipei Sporting Goods Show

2014 Taipei

Taipei Cycle Show

2015 / 2016 Taipei

China Cup International Regatta

ION Fitness Sailing Club Team wins the silver gold in 2014 China Cup International Regatta

IONFITNESS warehouse

IONFITNESS Certifications

IONFITNESS branch in China

After the significant growth in US market, we understand that we can enhance the efficiency through the vertical integration of suppliers for providing the affordable price of our premium products. IONFITNESS invested in our factory in Zhejiang, China, in order to strengthen our product advantages. In the meanwhile, IONFITNESS also meets the international standard of quality for manufacturers, ISO 9001, and EN957 standards. We deeply believe that quality is the foundation of product design.


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